Residential Power Network Simulation

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The goal of the Residential Power Network Simulation project is to improve understanding of load management through simulation.  The heart of the project is a dynamic simulation of a group of houses. The simulation allows us to experiment with residential load management in a controlled environment without worry of effecting the stability of the overall grid.  The project has two main focuses -- modeling and control.  

The modeling work aims to accurately model residential energy consumption.  We began by only modeling HVAC loads controlled by thermostats.  We recently extended the model to incorporate personal comfort, and our goal is to model whole house energy.

Through controls we hope to manipulate residential energy consumption in order to reduce the peak load and possibly provide ancillary services.  Currently, the focus of our efforts are HVAC systems controlled by intelligent thermostats, but the work could easily be extended to other thermostatically controlled devices (and further with a little work).  

Check out the Research page for a list of publications and presentations regarding this work.  

The project is funded through CITRIS and PIER.  
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